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The mourning is wide spread. Even at places you wouldn't expect there are messages of grief up..

A business man out there is offering a huge reward for Bin Laden.

Here is a flash analysis of the flight path of the planes on their way to NYC

I think this is the most bizzare picture I have see of the explosion so far...
Its not a doctored picture.. You can see it in the video here..

And for those of you who responded to that hoaxed Nostradamus prediction.. Here is a real prediction.. Very odd... Look at the middle CD...

Not really much else coming out at this point about it all.. Just do what you can to help..

On the other side of things..

Here is a really good and long Kevin smith interview. A transcript of him on politically incorrect, and a little nugget I found on IMDB that I find interesting..

Check out this really cool online 3d pong game!

The Ritterversal studios is a lofty project trying to put the great john ritter into some of the best movies ever!

I heard from my good buddie scott that I have a read that wants pictues of men naked.. I guess there are plenty of girls here.. So I will post a link to Naked News again.. Because it recently added male news casters...

I know I'm terribly lazy. Is it wrong that I want one of these..

I think if I ever went to someones house and they served me a drink with this in it I would be sad..

The Murrette. The greatest invention for females ever?

I know scott likes to use EBay alot.. Heres a hint for him..

Is bobby fischer hiding out on the internet playing games??

Ooooooooooooooooooooo GO look at the new Aibos. They are super cute!!!!!!! More info here
Everything I know I learned from First person shooters..

Go here to find out your RPG alignment

Well.. I hope if nothing else I have distracted you guys from any thoughts you had and maybe even brought a small bit of leviety into your lives..

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