I don't even know where to start...

Well.. I do.. First of all my heart and my (and girls) prayers go out to every one of you affected by this tragedy.. Its hard to come up with funny links and things to say in the wake of this, though I have some useful links first. I won't be posting any news about this.. If you want news check out cnn or news.yahoo or salon.com.

First off this site is devoted to helping any of you that know someone that was in NYC at the time and your trying to find out if they are ok. The site is pretty flooded right now.. Keep trying and you'll get it.. It also links to the other big sites trying to get families back together.. Here are the other sites too. Prodigy, Disaster Message Board, NY.com,

A recent poll shows that 86% of americans are ready for war...

Heres a huge archive for those of you who haven't had a chance to see video or pictures of the attacks yet.. Or if you just want to see more..

Supposedly the feds are using this to push carnivore..

Things are a little nuts around here.. Last night there was a pretty big panic.. Gas prices in Ft. Wayne Indiana went to 7.50 a gallon..... By 8 O'clock my town had allmost completely emptied all 6 of its gas stations..

Text of Bush's Statement About Attacks

And to wrap up that this portion of my post here are the paypal, and amazon donations sites if you have a couple bucks to spare... And find your local red cross and give blood!

Even the funny sites don't seem to bring humor on this day.. But I guess life must go on so I'll throw some non-serious links up here

Heres the big list of excuses to use when you get caught browsing the web..

I didn't know that bruce campbell had a book out.. I need to check out his site more.. Read this interview too!

I'm sure you've all heard of the king james version of the bible. Be sure to check out the Rick James version of the bible.

Its good to know that the universe may turn into jelly at any second..

Ok.. well thats all I have for you guys.. More later or tommorow or something..

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