Cursed ?

Okay this is getting weird. It appears there may be something wrong with Scott (or Mawd to the unintiated). It seems that most normal everyday technologies that he comes in contact with mysteriously stops functioning. It started happening with computers and files at work. He wasnt doing anything stupid and wasnt trying to break stuff to be funny, but things would still break or files would vanish without explanation. Then it moved on to other items such as cars, trucks, lights, pens and now I fear it has gotten worse.

Two weekends ago while at Scott's house, I flushed his toilet. A normal thing to do with a toilet, well as soon as I did his whole septic system backed up and everything plumbing related within 2 square miles of his house stopped functioning. Jokingly he blamed it on me for flushing my piss. But I had only used the bathroom once that night, Scott had used it at least 3 times. Now flash forward almost 2 weeks, Scott is at my house watching a movie and sipping on some beer. He goes to the bathroom at least 3 times, then I go and MY toilet backs up and starts to flood. A simple plunger and some foul language take care of it. Now here is the really strange thing, Scott goes to leave for the night, and he asks me if my VCR clock is correct ? It is display 250 AM. I say yes, because it was correct when I left for work earlier that day. Just to be sure, I look up on the wall at the battery powered clock and it also says 250 AM. I say it is correct. He says "Well its late I am heading home now that this show is over.". Well I notice that yes the show on The History Channel "The Wired World" is indeed over and the credits are running. But how can this be when my clocks say its only 10 minutes till ? I turn the clock display on the TV on and it also shows 10 till 3 as well. So I turn on the Cable Access channel for the correct time and it shows the correct time as 259 AM. 9 full minutes almost to the second of what all 3 clocks in my living room say !!! I confer with my computer (which checks against the Atomic Clocks) and yes it is 2:59 ! The VCR, the TV and the battery operated clock on the wall are all set with each other with only about a 3 second difference between them and they are all now 9 minutes behind in time, when they were completely correct when I left for work today !! This only happened in the room that Scott sat in all night long. All other clocks in my house were the correct time.

I start thinking to myself that Scott has some weird Tech Curse or maybe and he was cursed by Amish people in a weird King Midas type way to ruin technology. I search Google for "Amish Curse" and find this link ! Scroll to the bottom and read the last entry. This site is a record for Amish baseball teams. It talks about the mysterious disappearance of Crow Sox team founder Jack Crowley from some baseball action. The vanishing is so odd they refer to it as the Crowley Curse. The Crow Sox need a manager though, so they get this guy named .... SCOTT !!! And the article goes on to state The Crowley Curse and subsiquent vanishing may have befallen the new manager as well as he is no where to be found !!

Maybe it has ! Maybe Scott "Mawd" Buehler is actually, Scott "Amish" Blumberg - former Amish farmer picked to be the replacement manager for the Amish baseball team the Crow Sox. Who unwittingly agrees ... all the while not knowing of the crazy curse surrounding the team. Then the curse strikes Scott and makes him vanish to a small town in Ohio with hardly any memory in tact to be raised by modern people. But now as Scott gets older his crazy Amish powers are coming out and he cant control them and all technology he touches HE DESTROYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, it sounds like the birth of a cool comic book charater - AmishMan or some shit. I for one am creeped out by the whole clock thing still and am going to hide under my covers like a little baby.

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