How do i love the, DAoC....

Ok. there i was, sitting in Mularn last night, talking with Leirch, and Vandunn when all of a sudden, i thought to myself "you know, i need to find a way to make some serious coin".

i think a big reason for this was because Leirch decided that he needed a new axe so he can look like even more of a big badass or something, so he mooched 64silver off of me.

so how can i make up for this loss? where else? Ebay!

i remembered back in the days of Ultima Online that people were selling stuff from the game for real cash. So, here is the search results i got for looking up "daoc"

For those of you who are in (and know what pellinor is) here is some links you may be interested in.

well, thats it from me, i am going to get back to my trade skills. i have already made "Junior Apprentice Tailor" and need to work on my Armorsmithing.

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