Oh listen Tender Lumplings let me take you by the hands.
I'll take you from this hell-hole to the Promised Land.
But don't blame me, oh children, if those promises don't keep.
'Cause promises like lives, can be bought so very cheap.

Oingo boingo is such a bad assed dark and creepy band.. But.. they also did alot of 80s rock too.. But they rock nonetheless...

I know that my good man Joel can play a mean guitar.. So here is a site for him for some bad assed Nintendo guitar tabs...

Now.. Don't get me wrong.. I FUCKING HATE Kid Rock.. And I guess by posting this site I in essence show how related to Vanilla Ice he is.. Therefore suggesting that if kid rock had even a iota of the miniscule talent that the Ice man had it would be a improvement..

Marilyn Manson says that his new alblum will "make people want to have sex"... You mean his old ones didn't? I know I can't listen to smells like children to this day without fucking something....

Yesterday I finally got my computer working and i am finally getting to sit down and write up a post.. and right away.. Like 5 links into it.. I find this.. todays BLECH OF THE DAY!!! Definatly with a look.. The page is entitled "Steps for Sheath Cleaning"... Go on.. you know you want to at least see what its about...

Our next site is entitled: Lifes a twitch.. This guy is like the tony robinson of Tourettes...

I'm gonna toss this link out there as a reminder to cory of the days back in the duplex.. Ahh.. Hidden butter...

I'm having a hard time deciding which site is worse.. Ballscan or NobScan.. Ballscan seems to be having some difficulty right now though...

Last week I watched the Iron Giant.. Holy shit I am in love with that movie.. I have been watching tons of movies since my computer died.. I have to say pootie tang wasn't a complete dissappointment..

AAAAAAAHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh WHo would want this!?!?!?!?

Play the game I can only discribe as the greatest Korean Ass Shooting game EVER MADE OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!

Now why is it that sites like THIS don't come up higher on google searches for Pony Girls then my site???

Not "cool" enough to be in a real band.. Then let RockStarter help you out!

This is allmost as great as the Butt-candle!!!! CHECK OUT BUTT ICE!!!!!!

OOOOOOOoooooooo a new fun fAnimutation called Yatta.. We don't eat QQQQQQSSSSSS

Think you know your TV?? Then go play NAME THAT THEME!!!

This is the one thing in the whole world you need if you really wanna be bad..

Good thing they weren't busy getting this started when I was a wee tyke..

I think this would be the fucking ultimate tech support job!!!!!!!!!!

Its good to know that there are indeed ways to keep your nipples erect all the time!

It makes me feel good to know that if you ever want to go to a website and see movies of someone shooting the fuck all out of a lawn mower and blowing it up.. you can...

And I don't know if I have posted this site before or not.. but it not then consider me one less blech of the day in the whole for all the non-post days lately..

Can someone out there tell me what this is all about??

Main Entry: dic·tio·nar·a·o·ke.org
Pronunciation: 'dik-sh&-"ner-A-O-ke dOt-Org
Definition: This site features parodies of popular songs using karaoke-style backing music with vocals provided by audio pronunciation samples from online dictionaries.

Definatly some very fun stuff here.. Well worth some time wasted.. Be sure to check out such classics as Queens Bohemian rhapsody, Nine INch Nails "Closer"(radio edit), John Lee Hookers "Boom boom boom" and Blitzkrieg Pop

I think this is one of my favorit error 404 messages ever...

I remember my uncle showing me the wonder that were hidden in a land o lakes butter box when I was a little kid.. and I remember just a shorwhile ago showing girl the greatness that can come from folding a butter box. and now I found a site about it.. so be sure to check out how to find boobies in your butter... You could also let Mr. T show you...

This is some whack ass shit.. My favorit is the portrait of lewis carroll.. Check them all out thoug.. crazy shit..

Oh shit.. I found this site soooo long ago.. Its fucking great...


I don't think I could live on frosting and Peanut butter for a week.. Nor do I think I could spend two entire days in home depot.. Best buy.. MAAYBe.. ..

Ok.. well thats a mighty big update for me.. More later.. Buh bye now..

PS.. I need another poster.. ANyone out there reading this that would be interested in posting on this site?? email me at jonsnews@vectorstar.net

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