Man, I have found a new reason to hate IGN.com

I was messing around and went to the GameCube message board. IGN had said that the gamecube had sold out of all 700,000 units which is bunk!

The stores around here still have them if you look, and of coarse if you still have units in the store, then its not sold out now is it?

Anyway, I put up a post saying that the systems didn't sell out, and in less than 2 minutes i had 7 replies, all of them from 5 year olds i assume, telling me that i was a big dumb stupid head. (or something to that effect) one morron actually said that if you sell 90-95% then that should be considered a sell out. NOT!!!!!

But what is really funny is that the post was removed in less than 5 minutes. Thinking this was odd, i posted again, and since they had bitched about one of my favorite gaming mags EGM being immature or something because they put a picture of mario and luigi holding each other while skipping. and i said that they was real mature for taking my post down.

that one was down in about 4 minutes also. i wonder if we were to go to each post, and start bitching about how the gamecube didn't sellout, if i could systematically have every single post removed from the board. mwhaa-haaa-haaaa

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