What is the secret of your powers?!

Holy shit this site has some seriously FUCKED UP comics
check this one out.. I was laughiing my ass off

Click here for the rest

This is a old old old school link.. How to use japanese toilets!

Wacky races was a BADASSED Cartoon. I saw a cartoon on the adult swim on the cartoon channel, it was called Cowboy BeBop and it was FUCKING AWESOME!!!

I also saw a show the other day on comedy central thats not on comedy central yet and it rocked too.. It was called beat the geek and it rocked ass.. Look forward to it later next month...

This guy is a fucking nut job.. first he insisted he was getting directions from god to kill people.. Now he IS jesus and can erect invisible spirit shields to protect himself...

The BEST ACTOR IN HOLLYWOOD is looking to helm a fat albert movie.. WHEEEEEEEEEE

Rambo May Take on Osama & the Taliban

Two quick stories about the aftermath in kabul.. one and two

Topless coleslaw wrestling motherfuckers!

Todays BLECH OF THE DAY is the jediphiles site.. CHeck it out for some old fashioned fun!

If disney was really behind this then I think it would kick ass.. I would soooooooooooo watch the movie!

The top ten things that will get you kicked out of the taliban

You know what? I'm fat.. But I think boycotting Shallow Hal is fucking retarded.. In fact I sooo want to see it.. Fuck retards

AHhhhh.. So now I know why cows blow up... That last bit about the leaking electricty is bullshit though.. One of my uncles cows got struck by lightning and it didn't blow up.. It just kind was all funny colored and bloated up and smelled funny....

I think this would be one of the toughest jobs ever...

Woah.. I wish I remembered my fairytales like this.. Check out the pics.. Little red is a little cold.. Check out more about the scarey tales

I don't think darren ever read my site.. let alone still does.. but if someone at work shows him this I bet he would jizz. This fucking made a working beretta 9mm out of FUCKING LEGOS

Oh goodie.. Copyrighted virii!!!!

Baskins Robbins Shrek Swirl.. Is it truely a threat to humanity??

I guess this is one way to strike back against people when your dead

Hmmm.. I was really considering starting my own real life fight club.. I never realised that the authorites would disdain it so much..

Thanks to NASA I now know not to leave silly string in my car...

And here is how to train to be a sniper thru shooting prarie dogs..

Samual L. Jackson REALLY likes his kilts..

Click here and here for some disturbing masturbation stories..

ok.. thats all the update for now.. more later my little hotdogs

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