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Here are the things my girlfriend and I argue over.. Not girl and I.. Some guy and his check.. Girl and I are on year four and we still haven't had a fight... Is that wrong?

Looks like Microsoft is making some drastic last minute changes to the X-box

OOOOOOOOOOOoo fun flash abounds!!!!!!!

Here is about all I could dig up on those nightmare before christmas figures scott was talking about in the comments..

So far the best I could do is spank the monkey at 107 miles per hour.. you try

I still think this is one of the greatest inventions ever.. If I had one I would use it religiously..

I first read about the mojave phone booth that stands in the middle of nowhere back when I had just started highschool.. Its still a fucking incredible read.. I love it.. Its a shame its gone now.. I allways wanted to travel to see it...

Have you ever wondered how much stuff was in stuff?? Like Whipping cream, Cheeze Whiz silly string, or... . say... like....Shaving cream.. I know I have tested out the last one.. and It doesn't take alot to fill up a bathroom sink....

I'm glad someone out there is chronically their every bowel movement.. Thank god for the internet.. and then there is rate my poo dot com.. Check them both out..

And thanks to ZDnet you can all have a dancing tampons screen saver.. Download it now!

I got my digital camera working finally.. Here is my first picture I took with it abouta hour ago.. I am soooo excited in it..

Ok.. I am going to pass out now.. tired tired.. Nighty nity sleepy bear land...

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