Episode 2

The latest trailor is out "Forbidden Love" for Episode 2. It appears the dark figure with the red light saber is played by Christopher Lee one of the creepiest people to ever wear the dracula cape. His character's name is Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus. Count Dooku. Hmmm not very scarey, but then again he can do that thing with his eyes that makes me shit my pants and wet my bed for 3 nights straight.

And it also appears that Queen Amidala is now a Senator and that Jedi's arent allowed to love. It also appears Bobba Fett has a big hard-on for killing Obi Won. Head over and check it out. Oh but be sure you have Quicktime 5 Pro or you cant watch it. Damn Quicktime losers.

IMDB is also listing James Earl Jones as being cast as Darth Vader's voice for Epidsode 3 already ! YES !!!

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