Nuts in a Vice !

Well I still havent decided why my nuts hurt so maybe you can help. Vote in the poll below.

Testicle Pain Poll

What is causing the pain in my testicles ?

1) Hernia
2) Elephantitis
3) Blue Balls
4) Too much kinky S&M damage
5) New strain of Anthrax
6) 2 words : Testicle Rebellion !
7) Damage from repeatedly slamming them in a door
8) They dont hurt its all in my head
9) They hurt cuz they are supposed to
10) Infected nut piercing
11) Rats chew on them at night

Since the voting poll I found sucked, vote by using the Comments link.

Well time for bed now, I have to get up early because I have been summoned to city Tax Court tomorrow (good thing I got the mail today) for failure to file city tax last year. The funny thing is H&R Block did my taxes and I dont owe any city tax. I cant wait to piss in their Wheaties tomorrow. WOOT !!

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