I think I need a cool title to suffix my name with. How about Jon Gilmour "EMAHTSKCBLVDT"

Check out this sweet article about setting up a honeypot on your network to trap hackers.. MMmmmmmmmmm honey.

Speaking of Honey. I miss my sweetheart. Her computer is unplugged so we have been incommunicado the last three days. I am very sad. I miss my girl.

Scott however just made me happy by singing the entire toy r' us jingle. HAPPY!

Heres a discussion on slashdot about the most addictive games you have ever played. I certainly agree that Evercrack will draw you in...

I added two links on the left bar. One to the norad santa site. Pretty cool. And the other for my man mat's site. Check it out. Both in the daily section.

And here is a early christmas gift for you!

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