Hes the one who likes all our pretty sites, and he likes to go to www.jonsnews.com, and he likes to click on links, and he likes to click along. But he don't know what it means

Fuck. I don't even know what it means. I just know I have to really bust on a post because I promised i would have one up so god dammit I am going to. Even if it shows up as being posted on wednesday. Just know that I started writing it on tuesday. And isn't that a very very very long title.

So I would like to post a couple news articles to start off with. Oh look! Heres one! I watch Jackass whenever I can. Those jackasses are crazy! Oh god. The devil fish did goond for once. DIE DIE DIE satan carp!!!!!!! I hope the guy at least clubbed him a good one for me.

Old people kick ass!

I have some very sad news for you all.

Looks like all the cheetos fans are going to have a rough holiday season.

This christmas something rare and special is going to happen. Something that won't happen again for a long time. I am looking forward to it

Ok. Well that should be enough "REAL" news to allow me to keep the news in my name until the up coming year. At which time my title comes up for the webpage gods review.

Oh goodie. New insulting words. Now I have OTHER WORDS FOR FUCK!! OH IF FUCK WASN'T A WORD WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU SAY?!?!?! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!! FUCK IS A WORD!!!!!! ARGH!. FUCK MS! FUCK FUCK DOT COM WHAT THE FUCK FUCK THE UK FUCK THE WORLD FUCK EVERYTHING. Now that may all seem uncalled for. But when you hear that fucking "If fuck wasn't a word what would you say" BULLSHIT day after day then you would fucking go crazy too. Thats alot of fucks. I am calm now.

I have a very sharp pain in my back. It is very very bad.

Oh yes. This is heaven. A Engrish ESSAY!!!

I WISH I could say that I got this much entertainment out of robocop. Ok. Well maybe I do.. so what?

Here is a really great How-to manual I am sure you will all love.

I love how I can just be fucking browsing the internet and BAM something installs MOTHER FUCKING COMET FUCKING CURSORS ON MY FUCKING COMPUTER WITH OUT PROMPTING ME! arggghhhhhhhhhhh It was this site. The site is very good to make fun of. But if you don't want comet cursors then don't go there.

Man I will tell you what. People will use any excuse at all to use poser to make naked woman. I mean christ there are some sick fucks on this site! Oh yeah here are two more good porn sites for you too

Well I mean thanks and all buddy. But I allready got my own list. Allthough it just pretty much contains snuggle with my girl friend, cook, and doin it..

Back in the day there used to be a site that beat the shit out of this site. It was called. www.usedpads.com God I wish that was still up. I used to have such a great time sending people to that site.

I gotta try to get at least one in every day don't I? I swear I don't look for this shit. Ok well maybe today will get you more then one.

Not only is this drag queen pathetic. sHE is FUCKING scarey. Blech

You can only go to this site if you adhere to his strict rules of: "no hacking, no swearing, and no mausterbating"


Sailor moon fans need to find a new place to hang out if they are turning to the internet for big things now I guess. Run!

HAHAHAHAHA whats better then being a red-neck into muscle cars and monster trucks. Seriously.. think about it. You head done throbbing? BEING A CROSS DRESSING RED NECK INTO MUSCLE CARS AND MONSTER TRUCKS!

If this guy rocked any more he would be able to set your head on fire with his website.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH its comics about boats! The funniest things ever!!!!!

I want to quickly profess my love for scott. Scott brings me things like this! He also has a button on his site dedicated to me. He has kicks ass at web shit. His new mouse overs amaze me. So go to his site every time you come to my site. Bam bam. Just like that. Jonsnews. Scotts site. You can pause briefly between if you would like.

Uhhhhhhhhh kevlar fetish. Uhhhhhhhhhh blech

Rate your risk. find out how likey youa re to be beaten ore stabbed or rapped or killes.

I want to have thiss guy come live with me and make me legoo shit all day.

Just a few more links before i pass out. I am very tired. Things may make less sence ssfrom here on in.

This is fucking great! MULLET!!!!!!! When hjamie and I went to kings island it was redneck day and we played spot the mullet all day. I won.

This is why i love broadband. Go download the entire internet

Oh good. I'm not going to hell for playing the sims. Good. I am going to hell for playing a warez version of it though.

Release some of that pent up word frustration'

Just a few more to go. So tired.

I wish i could hug brak. Zorak is evil. Space ghost rocks socks too

Ok. I have alot more saved for tommorw. I can't saty up anymore and mykitten is jumping on my shoulder and clawing me saying he wants to go to sleepy beddy tedy bear land. oh god i am bleeding
fuck you cat

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