Go go gadget internet!

YAY!!!!! after about four weeks of struggling to get the archives in a sembalance of a working order they are FIXED!!!!!

I hacked together some nice codey code that makes it all pretty and shit. Ok. Maybe its not pretty. But its workable. So go visit the archives and sort thru the mounds of shit that I have posted. I have a big suprise coming next week.
Well I am quite happy right now. I got the archives working. I got to talk to my girl because her school had a snow day. I just got out of the shower. I had some delicious sausage and gravey and biskets for breakfast (thanks to scott for the recipe!) and I am going to go do the dishes up and head out to worky work and then I shall post from there.

Oh yeah. I am also out of site titles and post titles so please send me some good ideas. Or better yet GO POST THEM IN THE MESSAGE BOARD. Noone has posted since the 9th of NOVEMBER!!!!! For mikes sake please post there and make me HAPPPY! Pull down the little "Site Navigation" menu on the left. Select "message board" and sign up and post.

Well more to come as the night withers on. Peace easy

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