Well fuck me

I don't really know what I want for the site any more. I caught some flack today for the hemmorage links on the posts. I don't know what makes a good site. What keeps you guys coming back here? What could I do to make the site better? I don't know. If you enjoy reading this site post something in the message board. Give me some ideas of where I should go with it all.
I fucking love reading scotts site. Its not huge. Its not 400038209428309 pages long.
Its from the heart and fucking great reading every time I go to it. God I fucking love your site scott.Don't change it!

Here are a few links. Not in hemmorage form

Hey. The tomb raider movie trailer is out. It looks very shiney.

Planetevercrack is up now. God as bad as that game is its fucking addictive.

Dr. Keving Warwick (the guy that implaneted the computer chip in his arm awhile ago) is going to implant a much more advanced one soon!

God nano-tech is coming along fucking fast.

This sounds like it would be a fucking blast to watch!

I think I am going to start using this program!

I love good games. Ask cory I love debating stupid things more. There are a couple really good games that appeal to me right now. Check them all out.

I am allmost 100% sure you will all apperciate this.

Well thats it for now. Do the message board and the Poll on the right and let me know what you all think...

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