Stuff to make your weekend fun.

You guys know that its all about the shiney. I fucking love shiney shit.
Lets face it. The internet is the shit when it comes to shiney stuff. Sites with cool little games are top notch shiney.

Take for example netbaby. Not only is is content shiney. Its fucking layout and graphic shineyness is off the shineyscale. I love the graphics like this. That style makes me want to poop myself.

You could also go to the abuse-a-tron and get some nice abuse for yourself. Or you could go here and abuse someone else.

Maybe you just have some strange stirrings or unexplained things going on in your life.. If so you may be possed by a demon.

Still not really un-bored-ified yet?? Well maybe some arts and crafts will get you out of that funk. Maybe you need a sport to play. I don't know what else I have for you that could help. Maybe you could play a little joke on someone, buy yourself a new toy, see what people are searching the internet for, look at porn?
I don't know. I'm out of ideas. Oh wait!! One last idea. Go sign up for some free stuff!!!

I would also like to say malkovich malkovich my malkovich

Well thats it for now my tender lumplings. Take care and chill.. till the next episode.

Fuck that. I just thought of a couple more things I wanted to post.
I wanted to let you all know that I am going to stop hating goths and I am going to start hateing the fucking kandy kids. Sorry for all that misplaced hate all you goth people..

Here is a link.
Here are instructions to be weirded out by the link:
Step 1: click on a paw
Step 2: click on a picture of a ultra cute puppy or kitten.
Step 3: be weirded out.

And guess what the last fucking site in my browser was?
I hate you *shakes fist at furry gods*

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