Making with the post

Well in order to keep the scottness monster appeased and from rampaging thru the office and killing people I am making with the post. My head hurts right now. This MAY have something to do with taking about 12 of these and then putting them in a bottle of this and then shaking and drinking.

This is so fucking great. I got this and this for my birthday party yesterday. They go together so well, Kinda like lots of caffeine and EVERYONE IN THE WORLD CALLING INTO MY TECH SUPPORT CENTER TONIGHT!
I really meant to post sunday. I got up. Went to wake up Cory for the day. And he says "you wanna open up your birthday presents?" So I of course say yes. And I get those two things. Throw in FF9 and figure on just playing a few minutes. ITS THE BEST FUCKING GAME EVER! Oh god. I want to be playing it right now..

Over the next couple days I am going to be messing around with posting a little bit different way of posting. Let me know if you like it. Scott will.

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