Happy birthday to me!

Check out how bad ass Todd McFarlane toys are! And those are fancied up prop shoots. Those are how they actually look. I have a few and they are the highest quality figures I have ever seen. The detail is amazing.

These guys are pretty creepy. The make me want to buy stuff from them. Check out their products page. They have taken the iniative in building a zero gravity car!

Its that special time of year folks. The time of year where you and your family sit around the fire and ponder about Don Mcleans "American Pie" and the meaning of god. I know I do. Its also a good time of year to share all of your special interests and hobbys with the ones that you love. Tis also the season for retarded depressing songs. Like this bullshit. And then before too long it will be new years. The time for exercising the demons in you and getting a clean start.

Cory and Scott said that its a bad thing that I was downing a bottle of jolt at 4am.

God there is pretty much shit for new stuff on the internet today. This is a pretty cool site.

Scott came over after work and brought a couple movies because I was bitching about how I was depressed and moping around on my birthday. We watched High fidelity and it was VERY VERY VERY good. I was quite impressed by it. A definate watch. I also fell asleep watching A christmas story. This is definatly my favorite christmas movie ever. Followed by The nightmare before christmas and Emmet Otters Jugband christmas. A christmas story is just fucking wonderful. I love the dialog. It brings back alot of happy feelings the same way calvin and hobbes does. I need to rent this tommorow and make my girl watch it. I love this movie sooooo much. FUCKING WATCH IT!

I am listening to some super badass tunes right now. Go on napster and download naveed by Our Lady Peace. And then get ALOT of tragically hip songs. I fucking love the hip. I have been listening to them hardcore this past week. DO IT!!!!!!!

Ooooo hidden links. Mainly cause I couldn't think of anything to write for them. http://www.wondergeeks.net/ http://www.wondergeeks.net/ http://www.aaaugh.com/dictionary/ http://www.sonic.net/~ian/Spork/spork.faq.html http://www.unitedmedia.com/comics/pearls/ http://www.rumorsrumorsrumors.com/ http://www.thinhline.com/ I know. They aren't clickable links. Cut and paste. I couldn't make them links and keep them hidden..

Well I think thats it for now. Merry chirstmas and everything. Posting should resume next week. But keep a eye out. You never know.

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