Ho Ho Ho!

Well since its christmas time and stuff I think its fitting that I make with posting some nice christmasy links.Its very pretty out right now.. the snow is falling. I miss jamie. But even though I miss her so much right now I am feeling very sublime. Its a good day. Its snowing. Its pretty. I'm in love. I have the best girl in the world. I have great friends. Life is really good. Even though it seems shitty.

Well on with the links. I really like this site because not only is it really cool, its a great use for all those 50,000 aol cds that I have in my living room. And of course with a tree you need some nice ornaments (scroll down towards the end on that one) too. If we still had our crappy couch with the board that stabbed into your spine then we could also do this.

And I have a couple great gift ideas for the geek in your list:
How about a piece of math themed headwear?
Every geek loves music. Its a universal constant. Get him the gift that keeps on giving. Anyone can have just a regular cd player. A geek wants one that is 50 times better.
I know I would personally love to have the angled head pliers off of this site. Multi-tools kick much ass. I would LOVE a leatherman Wave with the tool adapter.
Now if you are a geek yourself and looking for a do it yourself project for your loved geek then mayhaps this is for you.
Your geek love a big firstperson shooter fan? Well then set your specs on this shit!
Got a little geek thats into pokemon? Well then pony up and get this.
This christmas things a little tight? Then maybe this site will help you out.
Anyone that has ever touched a computer before would kill for this!
Alternative transport piques my interest.
Books and more Books. Books are great. And comic books are better. I fucking love comic books.
Gadgets are good too. Oh god shineys all over.
I would love a really good electric shaver. And this would be nice for jamie too *hint hint* because then I would be nice and not so scruffy all the time when we snuggle.
My friends and I used to have alot of fun with potatoe guns. I would love this one.
A pound of silly putty would be cool too.
Home automation would be really really sweet too. God I'm fucking lazy.

But most importantly be with the ones that you love. I would give up everything else about christmas right now just to be in my girls arms and able to give her a hug. Christmas is about being with the ones that you love and celebrating. So make it count. Make every fucking second of every day with them count. Thats what its all about.
Oh yeah. that title down below for the last post. That was my lame rip off of a nirvana lyric. So poop on you.

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