I'm as tired as ass.

I was up until about 6am this morning playing Final Fantasy 9 and I passed out on the recliner and then I woke up about 2 hours later with the controller in my hand so I just started playing again. I haven't slept since.

Im a very busy person . I enjoy romping around in a white cape and on special occasions , I sleep in my underwear.
What the fuck?
Riiiiiiiiiiight buddy. I got some friends in white coats with nets that you should meet.

Ok I have a fun project for all of you to to do. Go to that site and look around. And then close your eyes and think of something very funny to say about it. And then pretend that I said it and Email me or tell me how funny of a guy I am.

AHHHHH Stop it internet. Stop stop stop. Please just for a minute stop it? AHHH go to the bottom of this page. BLECH

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