The triumphiant return of Jon

Hello my tender lumplings. Its been quite awhile since I have gotten to play with you all. Did you miss me?

Work has been exceedingly crazy and my free time has been naught. I have been pretty much working and sleeping and seeing Jamie. Speaking of Jamie I proposed to her on christmas eve. So thats been the highpoint of my life since then. She is such a incredible gril. I love her so much.

I've also been having these really bad eye pains lately. They just feel like they are pressurized and going to burst. It doesn't happen just when I am at the computer or anything. Its fucking odd. I mention these because I have the most painful one I have had yet right now.

Did you guys ever watch Dharma and Greg? That show used to be so bad ass. I know its still on and crap... I just don't watch it. After I had stopped watching it I had found out about these. I allways seem to miss out on the good stuff.

My friends and I used to play a similar game to this. It helps to read the story on the left hand side.

Its been awhile since I posted any regular porn so check this out. I got some other really good PRON sites for all of you too. Consider it a late christmas present. Check out this site. Oh yeah and this one too!! Blech blech blech blech bleeeeeeeeeeeeech And here is something for all of you do it yourselfers.

This is probably in EXTREMELY bad taste to post after the recent shootings. But oh well.

This kid has a pretty good idea. I hope that one day he will have dealt with every AOL disk in the world.

I will kiss the ass of the person that buys me this shirt!!!!!!

I got a handspring visor delux (in pretty orange) for christmas. Oh god its fucking shiney. So now i am obsessing about all the stuff that i can't afford for it that I want.. Like this. Or maybe this would be nice... And then there are soooooooooo many shiney add-ons for it too. Oh god.

And to wrap this up I want to give a shout out to the person who found this by searching google for "happy shiney things" and I hope that my actually getting off my ass will inspire scott to do the same and make with the posting on his site

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