One of my friends (Identity withheld for security reasons) sent me my old copy of windows me I was having him hold incase something happened to mine.. Luckily I have him keep a LEGAL archived version of everything I own in a large fireproof safe for just such an occasion..

Now here is part two of my problem
I need someplace or somewhere to backup my important stuff for. I'll dump all my mp3s and crap, but my favorites, a couple programs, my documents, my website archive. Just less then a gig on a reliable harddrive that I can stick this on for a day or two until I can reformat and get it all back from you..

I would need to be able to FTP or hotline, and it would have to be open either early in the morning or late at night for me.

If anyone could hook me up please either email me, which works rarely. But every now and again I can get into it, or get ahold of me on MSN messanger and leave me a message about when you could have something running and account info.. jonsnews69@hotmail.com is my msn screen name..

Thank you all for bearing with me and helping out..

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