Joy riding on the information superhighway

I just watched the movie Joy Ride. Its quite good.. The commentary track with Steve Zahn is quite funny.. I watched ZooLander last night and it wasn't too bad.. I was gonna watch Heist today, but I am running out of time and wanted to post before work

I'm listening to Hotel Yorba, by the white stripes and its a cool song.. Next in the playlist is "CAn't put my finger on it" by 'ween' off of the chocolate and cheese alblum

Our first link is incredibly cool.. Its called Creatures In My head. and its fucking awesome. Like exploding dog with crazy looking creatures.. check it out

Then check out the b3ta Zoo challange to see some funny photoshopped creatures..

HI-HO!!! WHat ever it is I want to buy three of them!

How about some useless facts for your monday? How about some more?. Or you could check out this huge list of phobias and figure out a reason to call into work and just chill..

cruising around online thinking "Holy sweet baby mike I would fucking LOVE to be looking at pictures of older men who look like Kenny Rogers"? I just was.. Theres help though.. Or how about famous people who look better with the body of an animal?

This is the coolest magical digital camera EVER!!! I want it!!

I still badly want a rubber band machine gun.. I would so abuse it..

Do you have what it takes to win at SEX GAMES?!??!??!?!

Happy Ninja Magic Action Compatriot !!!!!!!!!!

Well.. time to go pick up girl and get ready for work.. You guys and gals enjoy the links.. or else!

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