Midnight, she's a howlin and stompin. Making love to the gators in the swamp'in

Just call me MR. PS2 please...

Check out the museum of hoaxes for a fun thrusday read.. A decent time waster. And sticking with the museum theme check out the Prostitute museum..

Oh god.. this is CLASSIC classic shit.. I know it will make some of you smile with delight.. Crank it to 11 fuckers..

I... I'm speechless.. I don't know how to wrap my feelings around words to describe this page.. its definatly todays BLECH OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Blah.. I thought I was going to be cool and fix the search page with that cool google search shit.. but instead I seem to have broken it.. so I am going to go work on that now and lay down some more.. I should be back to post in a bit..

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