Well.. I tried getting a computer thru dell.. I get 10% off, but the bastards wouldn't approve me for payments..

My computer is getting worse.. So here is what I am going to do.. I'm sending out a plea for your donations.. Either money or old spare computer parts.. At minium I need a CD-R and some blank disks to backup my system as it is, and a copy of windows ME, because mine has been stolen..
Also any other parts would be apperciated.. perhaps a old harddrive you have sitting around or some ram or pretty much anything you have that would help me out.. Fuck, it would be great if I got enough to revamp my system.. And to help you out, there is the big computer expo in Ft Wayne this weekend so you can go get yourself some new shit and pass on the old shit.. Hehe

since I can't get email.. well.. at least VERY sporadically can't get email.. I will just post here how to send me shit..

You can either:
Use the amazon donation thing on the left hand side bar for money donations.. Since its hard to send computer parts over the internet, though I did convince a kid on IRC one time that you could download a bigger monitor
Or, Send money or computer parts and shit I need to
Jonathan W. Gilmour
email me for my address! jonsnews@vectorstar.net

So anyone that sends me anything will get major linkage all over the place once I get back up and running.. and if I get this mofo of a computer back up, that means the return of the links..

Thank you very much if you plan to send something.. even if its one or two bucks.. cause it will go towards getting my computer back up and getting back into the flow..

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