Happy Birthday to me and Happy St. Patty's Day to you !

So how old am I ? Well if you ask my body I am 93, if you ask my mind I am 14. If you ask me when I am sleepy I am likely to have forgotten. If you are carding me for alcohol or anything else for some reason I always say 21.

But I am actually (if my leap year figures are correct):

788,918,400 seconds
13,148,640 minutes
219,144 hours
9,131 days
1290 weeks
300 months
25 years
2.5 decades
1/4 of a century

Wow. I am now in my mid-twenties and I can honestly say that my life has ended up nothing like I thought it was going to back when I was a teenager. Has my life ended up bad ? Hell no. I have great friends and family whom I love and cherish, a great job which still can excite and challenge me and a schlong like a baseball bat !

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone ! Be safe, have fun, wear green !

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