Getting my link on

Good ol' captain electro is allways there to give you some good advice on taking over the world..

Imagine hopping online and searching for your name and seeing your credit card and other personal info pop up... AHHHHHHH

why would someone pay allmost as much for a USED realdoll as a new one costs?

Voters reject public safety building that violated feng shui

Mike Meyers is to star in a live action cat in the hat? I didn't really care for the grinch.. I LOVE mike meyers.. but.. I really don't have alot of hope for this...

Excuse me.. have you seen my toothbrush?

Ginger or Maryann? Oh god the choices...

What do you do when the Al Qaeda have been taunting you all day? You wipe the smiles off their faces the good ol american way

Am I unwittingly creating little google bombs every time I post???

I just joined up with this service called BlogSnob. Its pretty much kinda like a webring but it rotates, its not static.. so click it. You will find it over to the left above my other webring that I am in. Its cooler though.. the more traffic you send.. the more you will recieve...
**edited by jon* I just noticed their terms of service and I don't think I will get to use this for long.. but I hope they let me stay on*

YAY! The KMart by me will not be closing!! HAHAHAHA Check the big list and see if you are safe... Not that I ever have money to shop or anything.. but...

AHHHHHHHH This news story that really shows the depth of human depravity is definatly todays BLECH OF THE DAY

Its good to know how easy it is to steal software from stores.. and its even better that sometimes they will even help out..

New study shows that some people are gifted with an ablity to make order out of chaos.. what about poor saps like me who can only seem to make chaos out of order?

Wait wait wait.. Maybe I meant THIS is the BLECH OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the luckiest tugboat EVER!!

ok.. well its work time for me.. laterz

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