I just found this site. And it details EVERYTHING sexual, violant or profane in just about every movie ever made. At first I thought it was retarded that a parent would have to do this much research before letting their children see a boob or a gun fight, but then I just realized - Hey this works both ways ! Now I can find all the cool nude scenes in movies too ! Go check it out ! hehe

Man and this site goes into detail too ! Like under the "Imitative Behavior" section for Cruel Intentions, look what they list:

++ Sebastian ignores a parking officer who tells him he can't park his car where he did.
++ Cecile belches after drinking a Long Island Iced Tea.

Oh thank god if it wasnt for this site we might have kids growing up imitating this movie and parking wherever the hell they want and belching after drinking alcohol. Phew !

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