ARGH and a update on my sitiation

IE 5.5 won't install that scott sent me
netscape won't work
outlook express won't work which upsets me because I can't say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend cory
I can't even THINK about opening IE without it crashing
I haven't seen a webpage or email for about a week now..
Nutscrape crashes.
My "friend" from ny has stolen my latest copy of windows ME so I can't even attempt to repair my shit
and I wouldn't even be able to reformat because I have no way to back up any of my shit
I'm fucked
I'm considering getting a dell.. just because I can pay montly and I get 10 % off through my work..
Dood..your getting fucked

most importantly since this is the only way I can communicate it though. Happy Birthday buddy!!!!!!
you need to come visit sometime soon.

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