"It's all about random acts of cheese." -Viva.

I am here to help out a friend in need of some postings. **Warning** I am not as good at doing this as the LinkMaster is (you can tell by previous posts) but I am going to wing it like KFC.

Have you ever wanted to know how your Lambretta stacked up with others? Did you ever want to compete in a 10mph race on one?? I know I have..

AAHHH, your mom IS a fat cow That is kind of scarey. I bet they will cross-bread lawyers with mountain goats so they can finally get their horns.

First of all, this website is pretty kick ass. Secondly, anything that comes from Japan should not surprise me anymore.

Hell yeah, I just knew it!! Woman are just sneaky little devils.

This one is for you Jon. I never knew Lego people could be so... eehh, fun to play with? Just stay away from the other Series... or check them out if you think you have the stomach to.. lol

Well, this is going to be my SPLAA OF THE DAY!!!. I can't use Blech, that is reserved for the Blog Gods. I'm just a novice *sigh*.

Hope you had fun walking down the yellow brick road of the internet with me... oh dude, you just stepped into a big pile of shi...

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