Pak Chooie UNF!

First of all.. I know I sent a couple people copies of netcaptor that had all of my captor groups in it.. if you have one of them could you please let me know as I have lost alot of the sites I go to, to find stuff to post.. So if any of you guys still has the netcaptor zip file could you please let me know?

On with the post..

I think these are the next checks I am going to order!

I found this site right before the great crash and I have been waiting to post it.. Check out COWBLOG! Allmost better then that blog written by the dog..

If I have never posted it before CHECK OUT 3d PONG!!!!!!!!!! And if hi-tech isn't your way.. check out Pong, the text based game!

I personally don't wear a bra.. but if I did it would NOT be this one.. See side view here

Spam radio is the SHIT!!!!!!!!! Check it out..

THe Ibong, Better then the macquarium?

Check out fulltime killer, its like a flash version of Silent Scope.. Which I played at the arcade this last weekend for the first time.. very fun game..

George Carlin has updated his classic 7 words you can't say on tv.. Now its 2443

Hunker down buddy and learn the rules of sexual combat before its too late and you find yourself walking down the street at night challenged to a straddle match and unaware of the nuances of it..

I have a couple of pages here for you would be ninjas.. First learn how to fashion weapons out of common household items.. Then learn how to complete your ninja costume..

How about a nice cup of shut the fuck up?

This HAS to be the weirdest news I have read lately. Robert De Niro and the remaining members of Queen (cory you will love this) have "pledged" to create a "futuristic new musical packed with the supergroup's greatest hits".

WOah! Hey! Wait a Minute! Where did my porn go!?!?!?

Tales of mere existence is one of the most cynical, yet amusing and great and original things I have seen online for quite awhile be sure to check it out!

Go download some Mr. Mittens and crank it and piss some people off..

YAY!!!!!! Mr. Nice has no hands or arms.. but that doesn't stop him from dancing!!!!!! thats for damn sure!

Oh.. hey.. hows it going? I allmost forgot I gotta give you all a BLECH OF THE DAY!!!!!!

Holy shit this is fucking great.. check this shit out.. Scrotilla the Hun and The penisaurus

I would so jizz over this.. *DROOL*

FUCKING KUNG FU CHESS!!! I know you guys will love this.. its so incredibly fucking original and incredible.. GO PLAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackie Chan. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!??!?!

YAY!!! Old crazy alblums!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHH I would suck as a negiator. I just gave this fucking bum over a thousand bucks and he still cracked me with a bottle... See if you can beat any of these damn things.. grrrrrrrrrrr

What if black sabbath had actually formed back in the 14th century.. This is what!

Oh shit!!! The parlor is one of the funniest and most true to life short movies I have ever seen.. I didn't figure it out till the very end.. god that was awesome!

Ron Jeremy must be quite excited about the ET reissue!

Ever wonder what the guy in front of you in the drive thru was ordering? Me either.. but if you do then this page will help you figure it out...

MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm Spacefoodsticks!

This just nails down my theory that over two thirds of all people in wisconsin are morons...

Who wouldn't want to be driving Kitt around???

Could it be? Are we posed to see more boobies on basic cable?!?!?!

ARe you prepared for a nuclear holocaust? Know where the safe zones are in your state and if you have a strike zone near you...

Check out this page dedicated to some of the craziest comic books ever printed!

Well.. I hope that makes up for the lack of posts because of my broke ass computer.. ENJOY!!!

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