A late night quickie

I am sick

I am sick and awake.. double blah

Look at this picture and see if you can see whats wrong with it.. its fucking great once you finally notice.. but its really hard to see.../

I have gotten two of the most disturbing search requests in the last day

pictures of mary kate and ashely naked I have to say that I am appaled that I am in that search at all..

and wisconsin girl fucking dildo E/N

HOLY SHIT I soooooooo want two of these mini remote control cars.. serious badass..

I think it goes without saying that this would be a badass lan party toy.. But only if it had a SPH...

I think the adult swim on cartoon network rocks ass. the aquateen hunger force is awesome, and I have been a long time fan of space ghost.. On which willy nelson said the fuck word last night..

What do you get when you combine a dijirdoo and a bass guitar together? I dunno either.. but I bet it would rock hard

I would have SO kicked all the other kids asses if I was still eligble to compete in this...

At first when they started talking about who was going to direct lord of the rings, and peter jackson was brought up, I never realised how many of his films I have seen. Bad taste and the frightners are two incredible movies..

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