I just had a huge fucking post up. But IE crashed. Mother fuckers.. ARRRRRRGGGHHHHH

Ok.. here it goes again super quick style

Ouchy interviews here and here and here and his bookmarks. I made a joke about people who want to buy a shamecube having coprophagia

I linked to horseballs agian becuase I haven't in a long time.

I went to sexual positions free and found out he runs other funny informative sites here here and here and here.

Here is how to have sex with a dophin.

Which wipe works for you?

I posted the magic mystic racoon penis bone, and where to buy one (or any other penis bone you may want) maybe you could make a gamecube controller out of it...

And for the love of christ TODAYS BLECH OF THE DAY IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PAINTCAN COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honey. Could you please leave the socks on tonight?

This was second choice for blech of the day...'

If you really need a gerbil or rodent extracted from your ass. Don't just go to anyone. Go to the specialists. And if you are not into shoving them up your bum then maybe think about the upcoming holidays and how you could serve them..

I want this pumpkin!

Need help with your love life? try the loveatron. Or savage love!

This is a REALLy good online comic. Especially if you have ever read and enjoyed love and rockets...

I also wrote about this freakish robotic cat. And how its not as cool as the aibo. Speaking of freaky cat things..

Some day I WILL build this...

And here is another fine site from my good man bnib

Yes. You too can become a hero by playing UT online.. Oh yes..

I also had found my new fetish.. Pirate Lingerie!!!!!!!

And this is to make up for the coprophagia comment.. Cause I know scott digs the cam girls..

If you find a hole in any of our code please don't tell anyone!

Ok.. I think that was allmost everything that was in the post before I lost it.. Please donate a buck if you can afford it.. see the amazon thing on the right..

Later.. Oh yea for some reason the jonsnews.com domain name is unaviable to register all of a sudden =-(

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