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It seems lately that some companies are scrambling to ride the PR wave of other

The biggest one that a lot of folks are talking about is AMD naming their new

Athlon processor the AthlonXP. Now some people think that they are trying to
ride on the PR tidal wave of Microsoft's latest Operating System WindowsXP.
Which they might be, but are they the only one ?

I dont think so. Have you seen Intel's P4 logo lately ? Mmm that blue and orange on the logo looks like something I have seen before. Oh could it be the blue and orange that Microsoft is using for the WindowsXP logo ? It's subtle, but its there. Think I am crazy ?

RGB Values:

Windows XP

  • R: 255
  • G: 51
  • B: 1
P4's Logo
  • R: 254
  • G: 100
  • B: 1
Windows XP
  • R: 0
  • G: 102
  • B: 204
P4's Logo

  • R: 2
  • G: 49
  • B: 252

Okay well I might be a bit crazy for examining the RGB values of the colors, but I think I proved my point. There were 16 million+ colors that Intel could have chose for their P4 logo, and they just happened to chose those 2 ? Sure it might be a little more subtle then what AMD did but it is still there.

Also, I find myself wrestling between the meaning of 2 words, maybe you can help me. The first word is "box". The dictionary defines box as "A container typically constructed with four sides perpendicular to the base and often having a lid or cover." and if someone says the word box, I think we all have a pretty good idea of the shape and other visual properties of a box.

The second word is the word "cube". A cube is a "regular solid having six congruent square faces.". When hearing the word cube we all know what one looks like.

Box, Cube, Box, Cube ... wow thats similar. Box, Cube, Box, Cube, Box. Mmm. Almost so similar it could be confusing.

Let me make my point of the confusion factor with this little example:

A 12 year old kid tells his Mom and Dad the different things he wants for Christmas. Since he is a really cool kid of course on the top of his list will be the new Jay-Z CD "Blueprint". And being the greedy little bastard we all are at Christmas when we get the toy catalog in the mail, he asks for 2 of the newest console gaming systems coming out - The Fun Box and The PlayCube.

Now its time for Mom and Dad go shopping and as they enter the electronics section of the store a sinking feeling starts in their stomachs. No its not from crazy ass mall food its because they forgot what exactly the kid wanted for Christmas.

Dad:  "Was it the Toy Sphere ?"
Mom: "No I think it was the Goofy Pyramid."
Dad: "No, no it was definitely the Play Rhombi dodecahedron !"
Mom: "Shit I cant remember what the damn shape was."
Dad: "Well I remember that the first word was something exciting and fun."
Mom:  "Yeah no doubt to entice him into wanting one."
Dad:  "Well anything to keep him off the crack is fine with me."
Mom: "Oh I feel bloated from the Hot Sams."
Dad: *Deep In Thought*
Mom: "I have to get tampons before we leave, remind me."
Dad: "BOX !"
Mom: "What ?!"
Dad: "I think the shape was a box or square or something like that."
Mom: "I think you're right."

Now the 2 parents head over to the game consoles looking at all the packages on the shelves for a console with something similar to "box" in the name.

They find 2.  The first one is the "Fun Box" which costs $299.99 (clearly expensive because it is superior to all other consoles and has more processing power than the Russian Space Agency) and the "PlayCube" selling for $199.99.(obviously so incredibly cheap because the manufacturer Blimtenblow would get laughed at if they tried to push their cheap-ass, 1989-technology PlayCube for more than that).  So being the cheap bastards they are, they grab the PlayCube, plus the big picture of alarge yellow cartoon creature on the front makes them feel horny.

So the kid gets the crap console for Christmas just because the words "Box" and "Cube" are so damn similar and if memory serves me, the X-Box was named that
while the GameCube was still the Dolphin *tries to hold in laughter*.

The moral of this post ?   Do your research and make sure you get the most superior product and dont let yourself get tricked by clever marketing and double-talk.

PS:  Make sure to check out the new
Jay-Z-Box CDXP "Blueprint"
available at your local WinMX. = )

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