Ok.. Its time again for the annual Jonsnews fund raiser drive. Girl and I are in a really tight spot and in desparate need of help. I'm not going to resort to banners. You all know that.. What I'm asking for is a buck or two or whatever you can spare. Every dollar helps. For right now you can use the amazon donate thingy on your left. I will be adding paypal soon. And if that keeps up, even a buck or two a day then I can keep posting and not go get a second job.. So.. Nuff' said on that.

Second. The www.jonsnews.com domain name is no more. So if someone wants to get me a early christmas present then I would love you forever. hint hint.

Now. On with the links and goodies.

Are you a woman? Do you have sex with a woman? Then you may want to learn how to squirt!!!!!!!

Check out the entire egyptian book of the dead online! Sweet!

Now. I want to talk about the shamegamecube for a moment. For one. Look at this. What is quite possibly the most retarded controller EVER. Second. Consider the fact that even though it has a DVD drive, and uses DVD technology. It CAN'T FUCKING PLAY DVDS!!!!!!!!!!! I won't even waste any more time saying how much it sucks. Its self evident..

Check out this site for SHITLOADS of flash games. Some are quite good...

Is the greatest performer in the entire world coming out with his own stance on Bin Laden and the whole thing? watch this video and see for yourself. And then read the lyrics!

I used to be a huge thundercats fan. I had all the action figures. I watched the cartoon religiously. I soooooooo can't wait for the movie... And if you have never heard of them go listen to the outtakes from the cartoon!

The world's primary information and support network for and about romantic relationships among cousins

Ok.. right now MTv is talking about the taliban and giving info on them.. and the background music is the new puff diddy daddy poppa smurf song..

I found out some more info on Boon-ga boon-ga. Check it out here and here and here and here.

Ok.. Well thats it for now. I'm going to go put some of my stuff up on ebay. Please donate if you can. Take care.

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