Well its after midnight so its technically halloween day.. In a few scant hours it will be all hallows eve. And I still don't have a fucking costume... Maybe I will whip out a tron costume really quick..

god there are some fucked up movies coming out.. here are a couple trailers for all you good girls and boys as a halloween treat for your little bags of goodies

The Mothman Prophecies - I have heard about the mothman before as one of the many cryptozoology creatures I have allways been in love with.. To see a movie about it would be sweet....

Eight legged freaks - Looks like it has some potential as a very campy/ funny movie.. Allthought in the very last scene of the trailer I think that thats david arquette (sp?) the 1-800 collect/ WCW world heavyweight champion, which would bring the movie down a notch I think...

And the totally fucking fucked up fucky fuck movie I am SOOOOOOOOO waiting for and have been for awhile now and it fucking finally has a trailer is FUCKING DONNIE DARKO OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE FUCKED UP.. I can't wait!! WATCH THIS TRAILER IF YOU CLICK ON NOTHING ELSE IN THIS POST..

But really you should be clicking on everything in this post.. thats why I fucking post...

I have Shrek on DVD.. I am going to watch it in the morning and try to shoot up a review.. What would you guys think of a DVD review section somewhere around here since I have acess to movies before they street?? drop a comment

Here are a couple great halloween sites.. Check out brittle bones. Not sure what it is.. but its whacked out... OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo and my pet skeleton is sweet too And speaking of my pet anything.. They are fucking making MY PET MONSTERS again!!!!!!!!!! Oh hey.. Check out that url for my pet monster.. inthe80s.com.. I remember my pet monster.. I had one.. IN THE EIGHTIES!!! FUCKERS!!!!!!!!

BLECH OF THE DAY 'nuff said


___ ____ _ ____ _ _
| |/ / | | / \ (_) | |
| ' / ___ ___ | | ___ / _ \ _ __| |
| < / _ \ / _ \| | |___| / (_) \ | |/ _` |
| . \| (_) | (_) | | / ____ \ | | (_) |
|___|\___\\___/ \___/|_| /___/ \___\|_|\__,_|
`. \
____ _,..OOO......\...OOO-...._ ___
.` '_.-( 9``````````P )--...) `.
` (( ` || __ || ` )) `
( ) |<` ````---__|| ( )
` ` ||) ,xx xx. //)__` `
`-____-` ,/ O` O` //,'_ )`-____-`
,/ ,, // |//
/ (( //
( (._ _,) (_) -OH YEAH!
\ \````/ /
\ ^--^ /
\_ _____ __/
| | | |
( ) ( )
,--'~'\ /'~'--,
(_______) (_______)

I hope that comes out.. its the kool aid guy!!!

I have been reading wil wheatons web log for awhile now.. Cory just pointed me to this slashdot interivew with him.. Quite good

ROit!! Now watch me stick me finger in his bum hole.. I could go for two hours of that.. This link is for cory.. heheh

The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord

Oh good.. Not only will tommorow night be a full moon.. the first one on halloween since 1955, but there will also be a constellation at its highest point in the sky which is said to be there during times of great calamity, possibly the biblical flood or the sinking of Atlantis. The Aztecs and Mayans believed it will be overhead at midnight on the night the world comes to an end

To really get into the halloween spirit you need to go download War of the worlds and listen to it and go rent rocky horror picture show.. DO IT!! BOTH OF THOSE THINGS!!!

Heres another link for cory.. Check out these reverse enginereed Iron chef recipes!

These are some fucking BAD ASSED pumpkins!!!!!!!!

Rick and Steve.. The happiest gay couple in lego land!

Shallow hal is going to rock.. Jack Black kicks my ass inside and out!

HEre is a """"""""Cute"""""""""" little halloween game for you all.. I got 850 at level 15..

I know all the homies back in tech support will like this page.. We got stories from back in the day

The ultimate rubber band shooting site!!

Read this.. It freaked the shit out of me.. I need to go to bed now.. Night night.. AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh
I want to leave the lights on =-(
I need a costume...

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