A power so great, it can only be used for good or evil

Ugh.. work was crazy yesterday.. But it was great!
We didn't have power for the first two hours. So all the stuff we were supposed to get done before we opened didn't get done until after we were open and it was busy.. About mid morning a bald guy in a suit walks in and browses for awhile and tells me some movie he rented sucks. He was some movie he thought was about new world orders or something and conspiracy theories.. So I suggested a couple movies to him that I thought he would dig, Usual suspects and memento. So be browses for about half a hour and picks up movies and puts them back and blah blaah blah and then goes to leave and drops a fucking JACK CHICK COMIC on the counter and goes.. "Heres a little something for you to read"

Three days to go and I am still without a halloween costume.. I guess I could allways get a box..

OOOOOOooooooooo Contraceptive corn!!!

This is the coolest fucking car EVER.. I want it bad!!!!!!!!

Wait!! I think I just found my costume!!!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah.. fucking tatoo!!!!!!
Click here for some of the greatest costumes ever!!!

I've burned alot of shit with gas.. but I have never tried to cook chicken with it.. I don't figure it would be very successful..

Ever want to shut down a country? Then just click here on how to make your own electromagnetic pulse bomb.. Or just set it around to impress your friends and scare your neighbors..

This should help me get one step closer to being able to play real life Ages of Empires

Click here for all the monopoly cards that they should have!

The end is near my friends.. The olsen twins are set to cover a weezer song in their next movie..

Scorched earth is quite possibly the finest game ever.. It needs multiplayer internet capabilities though..

Kick... Punch.. Its all in your mind.. If you want to test me, I'm sure you'll find. The things I'll teach ya, are sure to beatcha, but never the less take a lesson from teach-ah (its scarey that I didn't need to look up the parappa the rappa lyrics online. I could recite them from memory) Karate for christ. Become closer to god by kicking some ass.. This one is for ninja curtis
Also be sure to check out the trailer for kung-fu jesus!

This year.. Don't just get pelted by eggs. Fight back!

Maybe instead of a jack-o-lantern this year I will put a boob-o-lantern on my porch!!

Alice coopers haunted house is so scarey taht people are just leaving things there because they are too scared to come back and pick them up..

I'm not even really sure why I had this page up on my browser or how it got there.. but go ahead and take a look..

And to finish it all off.. Here isTODAYS BLECH OF THE DAY!!!!!! HAW HAW HAW

I got tons more of links my friends.. more to come...

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