I'm a ramblin man

Now I got some comments saying that I gave too many links to scott and not enough for cory so this post will have a extra special cory link..

But first I have this wiked puzzle game that is kicking my ass.. Go play Gears! And on the shockwave site I also found this.. I FUCKING LOVE SPY HUNTER!!! The original here is great! As is the new one for the PS2.. It even has the old cars that bump you off to the fucking side.. it rocks!!!

And here is my link for cory. I know he will love this.. He is such a fan of this TV show.. heheh

Is it wrong that I have a fear of miss cleo. She scares me at this point.. I am afraid that she is going to come to my house and "Take me to church".. So needless to say I find that someone made a Miss Cleo fanfic page especially disturbing...

Dr Dre will soon be releasing his newest hit song. Kill Bin Laden...

Oh yeah.. New layout.. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of it. The archives work really well too now. Its quite neat..
Girl and I have Christmas at her grandparents today so I can't post right away, but as soon as I can I will.. Hopefully cory and scott will post some more if they get bored..

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