Mutant X

Ok.. I watched mutant x the other night. Its the new show. I felt it was a slight rip of the Xmen, but there were enough differences to seperate it. The bad guy looks a little too much like andy warhol, which is a little disturbing, but... All in all it was rather good.. Its good to see a comic book show on TV that has decent production values, and isn't aimed at kids. I enjoyed it for the most part. I will watch it again.. The X part of the name bothered me a little bit, but at the end I found out that fucking marvel had a hand in it.. So its all good.. If your a comic fan and your jonesing for some decent comic TV then watch Mutant X...

I've been reading the Corona movie website since I can remember being on the net for the most part. Two years ago they started a section called test patterns which was DVD reviews, and it turned into its own great site with tons of great shit on it, their reviews are top notch, And now they recently opened their very own video game site. Definatly worth a check and something to watch.. They also have a review of Arcanum up which is a game I expressed a great longing for about a year ago to cory. This game looks like its going to rock!! the graphics may not be stupendous, but the game play will fucking kick. Which in my opinion makes any game worth it, not matter how bad the graphics...

Scott will dig this. Its people drawing with their GPS system. fuck yeah..

This is quite possibly one of the longest and weirdest flash videos I have ever seen. If you have the endurance to make it to the end I applaude you!

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