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Hey.. Whats up?? Plan on moving soon? Do you have a hippo?? If so the USPS can help!

Click here for before and after pics of one of the bombed training camps in afghanistan

Do you like to read stories about your favorite Jedi being tortured or put through hell? Better yet, do you like writing such stories? Well then, you have come to the right place. Welcome to the Jedi Hurtaholics Archive, your one stop shop for Jedi torture and angst.

Someone posted this is the comments. I wish the super huge free camel toe index was still up. This is a pay site.. But its still camel toes.. And the site also has a really interesting section on the history of the camel toe!

The guy who started and runs fuckedcompany.com just started his own custom made porn business... What a great idea!

I know this is Corys favorite game. So I hope he enjoys this.. AAHHHHHHHHHH MISS CLEO JUST THREATED TO TAKE SOMEONE TO CHURCH AGAIN!!! AHHHHHHHHHH

I remember Cop Rock. I truley believe it was the greatest TV show EVER...

If this turns out to be true then I will be with cory on his stance of the matrix.. I REALLY hope this remains just a rumor..

Todays BLECH OF THE DAY is quite possibly one of the weirdest fetishes I have ever heard of. I've heard of animal fetishes, I've seen stomping videos and crush videos.. but.. this is just odd..

Is james camaron making a ringworld movie? I hope so!

Now here is quite possibly the weirdest thing to come out of the whole attack thing. I want you all to look at this picture. Then look to the right of bin ladens head.. Right on his shoulder.. you see that?? ITS BERT!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH WHY?!?!??!?!?
Here is a better picture of it..
I guess bert is evil after all..
Here is a page about it...form your own opinion...

I bet scott is waiting for this game to come out on his gamePube. Read the reviews too...

Amazon.com has a site up for the new chicken quesadilla hand held

Here is a really good article given to me this morning by my good man bnib


Punchmynuts.com Not only a great domain name a great site too!!!!!!

Samantha is a big fat bitch...

Oh yes. The gas powered blender. The only piece of kitchen equipment you need!

YIKES!! the gallery

And this is to make of for a day that I didn't post a BLECH OF THE DAY!!!!

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