HArvest Moon is the best game ever..

I've been watching movies until my brain rots out lately and playing harvest moon. Harvest moon is incredible. I know. I have voiced my opinion of games where people pay and just get home from work and go to work in the game... But this is different. Sure I spent all day saving up so I could buy a cow and a basket to put my fruit into.. But.. Its just different OK!

Do you or anyone you know need a asskicking? Maybe this guy can help.. And what ever happened to those monkey phone calls???

I have two links that scott will absolutly love. The first is the halloween costume that I KNOW he would kill for..
And the second is Ask Optimus. The greatest help column in the world..

I think I am going to get one of these puppets and take my show on the road!

Awesome dick dot com. Suprisingly not really a porn site. Kind of..

Just about the coolest thing about Limp Bizkit is no more. Wheeeeee.

Last night I played what is quite possibly the worst game FUCKING EVER! Its Simpsons Wrestling. I love simpsons. I love wrestling. One would think that this game would be enjoyable. IGN gave it a ONE in their review. I think thats too much. Go read this review... It states it way better then I can..

And if you have a KFC anywhere near you GO FUCKING GET SOME OF THE NEW HONEY BAR-B-QUE WINGS!!!!!!! THEY ROCK!!!!!!!
Well.. I gotta go bathe and get ready for work.. I will try to post again tonight..

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