Game News

The fall of Everquest may be coming very soon. It seems once given a reasonable alternative to Norrath people flock and in mass. Let just hope this game, like Everquest, doesnt turn out to be a big pile of repeating, sub-par visual, pile of shit EQ is.

Speaking of Verant, thankfully it looks like their next project Star Wars Galaxies is being kept in tight check by Lucas Arts. Thank god. Reports had this game coming out Q3 2002, but today it has been reported that it will be pushed back to sometime in late 2002. <hint> Which would make it a GREAT Christmas gift for me ! </hint>

The New Myth game, Pool of Radiance, has finally dethrowned the Sims as the number 1 selling video game. But dont count your chickens before you are able to micro-manage them into relationships and dates as the next Sims Expansion, Hot Date is right around the corner - coming out November 13 !

And also, let us not forget that Return to Castle Wolfenstein is coming out November 6th.

In closing, remember that on April 1st, 2002 we will all bow down to Star Trek Bridge Commander ! God I cant wait for this game !!! Lets just hope that somewhere in the game, no matter how slight, there is a reference to the Vulcan nerve pinch like their was in the last episode of Star Trek Enterprise !Oh sweet Star Trek Away Team is going to have the Vulcan Nerve Pinch in it !!

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