Pikachu hospitalizes hundreds of children. News at 11

I heard about this way back when it first happened.. Be sure to check it out and read all about how pokemon trigged seizures (Or didn't)

Is the RIAA employing "hacker" techniques to shut down file sharing programs?

Yahoo serious the actor errr person.. is sueing Yahoo the search engine..

This site allows you to find the link between any two things... Its pretty fun to play with..

Is this the beginning of mutant powers manifesting in humans??

I'm a pretty big fan of the handspring.. And I love the uber cool springboard moduals.. But I think this is taking it a bit too far...

Lowtax of something aweful tackles the terrible secret of space. Scott will love this one...

I love peeps..If you love peeps to then check out the Blair Peep Project..

Here are some tips for getting the most out of a stripper..

And here is a the picture of Marlyn Manson rubbing his nuts on a security guards head..

Check out the trailer for the new Tenacious D video WonderBoy.. I love the D


New York firefighters getting all the sex they could want..

HEres the ultimate guide for hosting a LAN party..

I still think that my silly putty scheme will work.. Too bad everyone at work made fun of my genius...

This is quite possibly the most disturbing game ever..

Here is how to make the perfect cup of coffee...

Have hackers gotten into Osama Bin Ladens accounts??

The robotic chicken?? THis christmas;s hit toy???

What if Superheros called into talk shows???

Check out this intentionally bad JRR tolkien synopsis to bait kids not wanting to do their own homework...

Alan Moore (yeah. The comic Alan Moore) wrote From Hell partly as a reaction to most Jack the Ripper stories, which pay lip-service to denouncing serial murder while transparently pornographing it: "The lushness of the bosom, the glint of the knife, the exciting music..." But the upcoming movie seems to be exactly that!

The first rule of fightclub is you don't talk about fight club.. the first rule of ground pounders is you make a website about it...

This christmas get a weapon for that special lady in your life...

OOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo The possibilities of this.. Thank you marvel!

Take a look at what photoshoppers have done with that faked WTC last photo that was going around the net.. Great stuff!!

And to wrap it all up. I'm not sure if this made it thru the messed up post the other day or not.. But check out Herb Zipper.. The Cybah Lovah

OK.. that should make up for any lack of posts lately.. Hopefully that will keep you all busy for a bit..

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