The update you have all been waiting for!

This site makes me happy every few months when I go read it. I think this first part of the post is going to be sites that I think are really cool but I don't visit so that you guys can all go visit them semi-regularly and then report back to me and report all the cool things I am missing and stuff. That was a very long run-on sentence. The brunching shuttlecocks is a featured site on slashdot and oft times has some rather silly things on it.. good. Sluggy Freelance makes me giddy. There are alot of older comics to go thru to get up to date on the current story line. Another great comic is Redmeat which is disturbing and funny all the time. A couple good "i'm not doing anything else anyways so I may as well waste time" sites are The center for the easily amused and bored.com.

I think at that lan party i will decide who to vote for!!!

Cory and I were talking about building a robot. I decided that i want a giant robot that will follow my every command and smash things. I think most of the parts I can get from here. And when it is done smashing things at my command it can transform into a nifty home automation center. After that I am going to buy 200 acres of moon and then build my own spaceship and begin colonizing it. Or maybe I will send my giant robot/home automation center there to do my dirty work, and maybe some of my trained monkeys from my farm...

Wow. All the crazy people out there that like to blowup or overclock ( totl.net is a really cool site by the way ) would just send me all their extra equipment.

Oh my god this is sooooooooo incredibly boss. It makes my geek heart melt.

Do you like origami? Do you like starwars? Then this is the perfect site for you!

Oh man really good porn java applets are really hard to find! Oh yeah so is a good ">news site that all the anchor women are naked on!

I am going to thank everyone who enters this contest so that I can figure out what to do with my 1000 aol disks

Ok thats pretty much it for tonights update. I added a link to the onion and love letters to the internet on the left.. go there alot. Tonight is the first night that WWF Raw is on the new channel. I will try to get up in the morning cause my mommy is calling and stuff so I should be up to post alot more.
Till tommorow morning.

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