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from dark horizons:
Variety reports that after long being unofficially known, it's now on the record - "Pi" Director Darren Aronofsky will be doing the fifth "Batman" flick which will be entitled "Batman: Year One". Aronofsky is working with Frank Miller, the creater of the 'Year One' concept in the comic books, to do the project which "Details Bruce Wayne's origin as the Batman, including his self-doubts and the mistakes he had to overcome in order to emerge as the crime fighter we're all batty over...[it'll] also include the story of the future Commissioner Gordon, which will mirror that of young Batman. As Lieutenant James Gordon, busy fighting corruption within the Gotham City police force, he and Batman start off as enemies, but they eventually learn to trust one another".
Pi REALLY rocked so I have some hopes for Batman5 still. It would sooooo rock if Micheal Keaton came back for another shot at the bat!!!
And spiderman is going to rock too... I hope.

That Robbie Williams video is disturbing.. It makes me want to ball up and cry like a girl (By the way, that link is to a open letter to Lars. Hes a little girly man)

Chimptopia is good. Monkeys make me happy. I have allways wanted to have a monkey ranch with a whole bunch of midgets working on it too. I would hire like 50 or more midgets to help me manage all my monkeys. Midgets would run around riding goats and wrangle the monkeys and round them up. Oh but they would not ride any sheep. they would ride Fainting Sheep (the kind that if you scare them they jump up and faint and fall over). Man that would be such a great place to work.. Oh yeah.

I am listening to Fatboy Slims "gangsta trippin" right now.. FBS is cooooool. I think I need to see about signing up for this. It could only help me get funkier. I love boy bands!
I may have to listen to this station sometime, parody and weird songs rule.

I want people to go buy me stuff from here. Remember christmas is coming!!!!

This site is the shiz!!! Props to Scott for sending me this link. NES is the best!

Well tommorow is my girlfriends and my one year anniversery and I am very excited. I am going there after work tonight and will be home sunday or so. So no posts till then at least. I will try to squeeze out one more post before the end of work.So until I post again. PEACE!

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