Tender Lumplings

Ahhhhhh Oingo Boingo is a sweeeeeet band. Danny Elfman is a genius. He is also apparently doing the score for the new spiderman movie!!! sweet!!!!!

Lets see, where to start today? I made it so the posted by link on the bottom of each post is now a handy dandy mailto link too.

I got up before 9.. blah.. I have no clue why.. I need to go pay bills today. They are like 2 weeks over.. And I have a retarded cell phone bill to deal with BLECH.

Ok onto the oh so skillfully crafted links for this morning. I do believe that I will stop drinking milk at this point in my life. Thanks you bunch of Swedish bastards. You'll need flash for that site and stuff. So there.

I wish my college experiences were as entertaining as this. Allthough I can take solace in the fact that maybe if I ask everyone really nice we can change the lan part to one of these!

Right here alone is reason to get a GPS system. This sounds tight.. A treasure hunt for us adult kids! (stolen by my giantrobot from slashdot.) Oh yeah.. that and I get lost ALOT.

I love x-entertainment for posting such great and funny stories. I am still trying to go thru all the old content on there page.

Oh wait.. heres a good idea!

Ummm I think thats it for right now. I am sure I'll crank out another big update tonight or something. Maybe on my lunch break to. I need posters too so if you are interested either email me or post a sample post in the message board.

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