Site ideas

I was thinking about some stuff to do with the site today and here are a couple ideas I came up with:

1. Making some page right off the main page for me to post some of the really good jokes and top ten lists I get in my email. I dunno.

2. Adding new people to post. Email me if you are interested.

3. Posting more. I'm working on it, once I get done training it will be better.

4. Sleeping. I may skip this one all together. It seems like such a waste.

5. Making a "submit a link" form somewhere here.

6. Once I add more posters I would like to have some kind of Bio-page or something too.

I have a few other ideas I am working on too. Along with generally beefing up the page and making it look prettier.
So if you have any other good ideas or suggestions, or you find any cool stuff while browsing the web send them on. It would make me smile.

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