sweet baby jesus i'm tired

I hate being tired.. it stinks. I went to bed at about 1230 last night and I just got up here about 5 minutes ago and I am all stuffy and junk and I can't breath and I want to sleep for about 12 more hours.
Speaking of jesus here is a good example of what happens when you take your religion a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttle too far.

I used to watch this show a little too much for my own good.. I still remember the theme song.

The part that bothers me the most about this is the skipropes with phallic handles. BLECH

Wesley Willis is a god amongst mortals. If you have never listened to one of his songs you have NO clue what you are missing.

Remember Marble Madness for the Nintendo? here is a pretty funny review of it.. E-whore is a pretty good site too.. you have to pick thru it to find the funny stuff though. Speaking on nintendo check out Classic Nintendo, they have some pretty funny Nintendo Flash stuff. team Jame is along the same lines, pretty good stuff. Nintendo movies RULE!!!! The next two sites have a ass load of Nintendo roms and emulator information. I suppose it would be decent of me to put a link to Nintendo of america somewhere on here.. but ah well!
Is it wrong that I capitalized Nintendo in ever case in the above but half the time throughout my day I don't even bother to make I capital?? I love classic nintendo. I think i am going to go play Kung-fu real quick and then head into work. WOOT!

Oh yeah since I am on this new host I can post all the PORN and weird stuff I happen on throughout my day.

Oh yeah part two. If anyone reading this would be interested in a posting position here put a sample artice in the message board and show me what you have to offer. I want to keep this site updated ALOT with new stuff all the time and I want to keep it fun to read and visit. So go to the message board and show me whatchoo got.

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