*note I posted this last night and it was really funny but stuff crashed so now I am posting it again and its less funny*

Oh god. Scott is so going to kill me, but the irony of this all can't escape, I just feel that I have to share with you all. Scott posted the other day on his site about how he is becoming a Red-neck. Then last night I find this page And for the love of god don't go to this link. I just want to say HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh god Scott you are so going to kill me!! But man Scott. I tell you what. If you did this to your truck you would so not be a red-neck anymore. (hopefully that last link and linking to his page a bunch of times will make up for the insinuation that I made with the first link.) Though this could potential make you more redneck. Keep a eye on his page to see whats up. Scotts site makes me happy.

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