I'm sick *BLARGH*

Blech. I ate a habenaro (sp?) pepper today and the heat wasn't too bad (they are the hottest pepper in the world) but soon afterwards my stomach decided that Belly and Mr.Pepper didn't like each other. So Belly kicked Mr. Pepper's ass right out the door that he came in, along with his friends Professor Sammich, Mrs Orangjuice, and Senor Burrito. Not too long after that Belly and Dr. Pooper got talking and Belly got Dr. Pooper all riled up and Dr. Pooper kicked the Feces twins (who had been visiting Belly not long before) right out the back door.
So no update tonight. Belly and I are going to bed now, hes angry and not talking to me. Belly needs his rest...

Oh yeah I noticed alot of people are getting here from searching altavista for Mr. Winkles. Well you won't find him but you will find plenty of other good stuff. But you WILL find me repeating the word WINKLE 23 times right now. WINKLEWINKLEWINKLEWINKLEWINKLEWINKLEWINKLEWINKLE WINKLE WINKLE
Ok Thats enough. WOah I'm tired and sick. I should also mention that something is broken with the archives. Don't go to them. I will work on fixing them soon.

night night. Belly says "goodnight internet"

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