Still no president eh?

I would rather this guy be president then either of the two canidates. I warped the canidates to the point that I would actually vote for them if they looked like the did when I got done with them. God this whole election has been a huge fucking boner. On a related note I think "howdy" is going to be my informal greeting from now on.

I must say. Since day one I have disliked Mahir. He is redesigning his page. Dear god it makes me want to rerout my urethra thru my nose. I honestly feel in my soul that Mahir had a hand in this page. I nominate that page for the "most likely to make you want to pierce your brain with a fountain pen" catagory

WOOOHOOO its a fucking party. Why in sweet fucks name does the cat speak ghetto? But it can't be a party if your lonely can it? Sites like these make me pray for armageddon. And hey. Lets see if we can start working towards getting fucking midis and shitty java off the internet eh?

There are some things I want to mess around with for my site.. I want to add more static links to the left.. I dunno.

This is so seriously shitty when compared to the greatness that is explodingdog.

For quite some time I have been saying that I need more ways to be mean and abusive. Finally I have found the answer. I guess I COULD learn something useful as far as languages go. NAHHHHH

Since I fucking REMEMBER THE 80's (fuck you guys) I figured I would have to post this. And this!
I'm going to install the MSN explorer now. Hopefully it will all go well!

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